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Over 7.5 million drinking water violations happened in Florida in 2015, ranking Florida 2nd most violations in the US. It is no surprise, Florida’s water quality is not the best. That is why Plumb Crazy Plumbers specializes in installing all types of residential water softeners and filtration systems.

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We are Plumb Crazy Plumbers, a highly experienced plumbing company with over 20 years of experience. We are family owned and have serviced hundreds of customers in Pinellas County including Clearwater, Fl. We are a small company but well equipped to handle all of your needs, including water softener installations. With over 20 years of experience, there is little we haven't seen.

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What is Hard Water?

Hard water is just water that has a high mineral content within it. Hard water is often characterized by having high amounts of calcium and magnesium. Hard water is harmless to drink; however, having it can negatively affect your plumbing and other aspects of your life. 

Not only does hard water coat your plumbing fixtures, but it can also harm your hair and skin. Most people who have used a water softener for their home can tell the difference between hard and softened water.

Why Get a Water Softener?

  • Increases plumbing fixtures lifetimes
  • Removes water stains
  • Softer smoother skin
  • Healthier fuller hair
  • Help laundry keep its color

Hard Water Stains

Softening your water can be a great way to get rid of those mineral deposits that build up around your plumbing fixtures. Over time, as hard water dries, it will often leave behind residue that will need to be cleaned or scrubbed away. Sometimes stubborn water stains might need chemicals that could damage the surfaces on which they are stuck.

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Getting a water softener will eliminate those hard water stains, saving you time, effort, and cleaning detergent.

Preserve Plumbing Fixtures

Hard water can also cause build-up within your plumbing fixture, reducing the overall lifetime of the appliance. Common spots hard water effects are your shower valves and faucets. Over time, the hard water will wear away at the internal gaskets and seals. All plumbing fixtures are subject to the abuse of hard water, causing premature wear and tear, as well as limiting the motion and functionality.

Not only will your fixtures be negatively affected, but your water lines can also be affected by hard water. Over time, hard water builds up within your water lines that distribute hot and cold water throughout the house. This can cause lower water pressure and also cause your water heater to become less efficient.

Better for Your Hair and Skin

Getting a water softener installed will serve to improve the quality and look of your hair. Using hard water on your hair creates a barrier that keeps moisture from getting in and out. This barrier ultimately leads to your hair looking more frizzy and causes it to lose a bit of its natural color. 


Another common issue with hard water is that it can often cause dry skin. Hard water doesn't remove soap from the skin's surface easily; in turn, this can cause your skin to become more irritable and dry. 

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Our Water Softener Recommendation

We have installed many types of water softeners; however, one that has stood out to the Plumb Crazy team has been the NuvoH20. Below are a few reasons we believe NuvoH20 stands tall amongst the other types of water softeners out there.

  • Saltless water softener
  • Convenient replacement 
  • Efficient 
  • Removes existing scale
  • Environmentally friendly
NuvoH20 Water Softener Mounted Wall

Have Any Questions or Want to Schedule an Appointment?

We can get you a professional plumber to offer the best solution for your home. When you pick up the phone and dial, you will be delighted to talk to our friendly staff. We strive to provide the best customer service for all of our customers in Clearwater, Fl. 


"Plumb Crazy Plumbers have always been professional and thorough with their repair/installation work. Their costs are extremely fair, and their staff is friendly. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of plumbing work."

- Robert Mesen

5 Yellow Review Stars

"I called for a leak between the main and the house. Andrew was out within 45 minutes. Promptly found and repaired the leak for what I would consider a bargain price."
- Bryan Adamson

5 Yellow Review Stars

"My home water softener replacement was to be a cinch. I planned it out to the final item....leaks occurring when exchanging the supply lines. I started my project early in the morning knowing I could reach a plumber to bail me out. Sure enough, the copper union from 23 years ago started to leak. I got on the phone and found P C Plumbers, Inc who came out in 2 hours. He was a third generation plumber, his name is Jacob. A great lad, very meticulous and efficient. So glad he took care of my repair. So thankful."

- David Slaby

5 Yellow Review Stars

"I called for a leak between the main and the house. Andrew was out within 45 minutes. Promptly found and repaired the leak for what I would consider a bargain price."

- Donna Taylor

5 Yellow Review Stars

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