The Smallest Upgrades Can Make the Biggest Difference! Start with Your Kitchen Faucet

Want a fresh Modern look for your Clearwater home?  Start with the Faucets!

Sometimes the smallest change can a big difference. If you want to upgrade your home, start with your faucets and handles. This is a simple and cost effective solution in upgrading your home.

Now is the time of year where everyone is tossing out the old and installing the new. Adding a new kitchen faucet to your home can really update and freshen up your kitchen. It can be quite overwhelming to pick out a new faucet before gaining an understanding of the look you going for.

Some questions to ask yourself:
What look am I going for? Modern? Transitional? Traditional?
How functional does my kitchen faucet need to be?

For example, if you water plants or fill large pots of water for cooking then you may want a 90 Degree faucet or a Pot Filler Faucet.

Once you know what style you are looking for, you can focus on getting what you want for the best price. has a really great variety of fixtures for your entire home.

Another great website to check out is Home Depot at Many stores are running specials for Presidents Day, making now a great time to upgrade!