Protect Your Clearwater Sewer Line… Tips From the Sewer System Pros

Tips that will help keep your sewer line clear. Clearwater & St. Petersburg Sewer System Pros

There are many easy steps to take to protect your Clearwater and St. Petersburg home’s Sewer System. Although a sewer clog may be inevitable, you can extend the life of your sewer system rather easily.  A clogged may be difficult to dislodge if one does not have the proper tools to do so. Although, chemical drain cleaners are commonly used and can be effective, they emit harsh fumes and can be harmful to your plumbing system.

Helpful Tips to Keep Your Sewer Line Clear.

1) Don’t use your toilet as a waste basket – Flushing facial tissues, napkins, diapers and other waste down your toilet creates clogs.
2) Use your garbage disposal intelligently – Avoid dumping large quantities of anything down your garbage disposal that can become lodged within your sewer line.
3) Don’t pour grease down your drain – Grease and fat, although liquid when poured down your drain, can harden within your plumbing, collecting debris and creating a stubborn clog.

Whether it’s a toilet plug, bathroom sink clog or your pipes just aren’t flowing like they used to, we are confident that we can give you the results you expect. Try our drain cleaning service and see why we are the top rated drain cleaning company in the area.

Drain services include:

  • Sink and toilet drains
  • Shower drains and floor drains
  • Sewer drain cleaning
  • Sewer drain pipe repair and replacement
  • Storm drain cleaning and repair
  • Root removal

Always contact a Licensed Plumbing Professional!