The 3 Most Common Plumbing Myths

The 3 most common plumbing myths we hear all the time. We never tire of listening to our customers plumbing hacks and clever tips, and while most are harmless there are some that can but some devastate your appliances and fixtures. These are our Top 3 Myths we think you’ll find interesting.

Myth #1: Use soap and water to clean the bathroom fixtures. FALSE!
It may seem silly that soap and water should not be used as a cleaning product, after all it is the bathroom. Soap and water actually causes the fixtures to corrode. Over time the corrosion will minimize the life of the fixture. Best Solution: When you’re done washing your hands,  wipe down with a towel. Easy peezy! Your faucet and check book will thank you later.

Myth #2: A Lifetime Warranty means the product is good. FALSE!
This is probably the most common assumptions. Don’t feel bad if you’ve been fooled, it’s happen to all of us. Yes, even us! Even when you buy a crummy product it still may come with a Lifetime Warranty. What this means is that you will be replacing the product over and over again. Just because a warranty is included, it doesn’t not mean the product is of better quality. Best Solution: Buy a good quality product and avoid the hassle of constantly replacing it. Do your research on a product before buying it or you can always call us and we will help.

Myth #3: Lemons are good the garbage disposal. FALSE!
Who can resist that lemony aroma, right! We know that it is tempting to toss a lemon down your disposal, we may have even done it ourselves, but refrain yourself! The citrus from the lemons corrode the inside of the garbage disposal. Corrosion causes the garbage disposal to  breakdown. Best Solution: Next time you clean your disposal put ice down the disposal and turn it on for 20 seconds. You may not get that lemony smell but you will extend the life of your disposal.

Take care of your appliances and save money!

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