10 Things you Should NEVER Flush Down the Toilet

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There are many items that should NEVER be flushed down a toilet. One simple flush utilizes 3 gallons of water, meaning if you have to flush more than once you are wasting water and money. We have put together a list of items you should never flush down your toilet!    

10 things you should never flush down the toilet:

  1. Floss– Dental floss isn’t biodegradable. Throw it in the trash!
  2. Grease, Oil, and Fats– Grease, oil and fats will cool and build up on the sides of your pipes and over time will make the pipe opening smaller and smaller.
  3. Medications– Contaminating our water supply is a huge issue. The water in your toilet ends up in our rivers, lakes and oceans. So, please, dispose of your pills and other medications through your local pharmacy.
  4. Band-Aids– Most band aids are made from plastic and are not biodegradable. In return will lead to clogs.
  5. Flushable & Disposable Wipes– These products are too thick to be flushed and not safe for the septic system.
  6. Tampons, Cotton Balls, Cotton Swabs– These products expand and are unsafe to pass through pipes and sewers.
  7. Paper Towels– They are too thick and do not break down quickly. They will clog your toilet.
  8. Hair– A hair blockage is the most common blockage. Hair creates massive blockages in pipes, plumbing, and sewers.
  9. Kitty Liter

The only thing that should be flushed down a toilet is toilet paper and contents that come from a human digestive system. It is always tempting to throw something in the toilet and flush it down, but we urge you not to do it. Even after all your efforts to maintain a clog free toilet have failed, give us a call! We are always here for you 🙂

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