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Do you suspect a pipe leak in your Clearwater home? Our Plumb Crazy Plumbers can confidently find any leak. It's always important to act quickly because even the smallest pipe leak can cause significant structural damage. Since, pipe leaks are sometimes unpredictable and can occur at any time, our plumbers are available 7 days a week and never charge inflated weekend rates like those other guys. If you are having problems with your pipes give a call at 727.729.9400.

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If you notice A pin hole, isolated leak, corroded or cracked valves, it may be an indication of a much larger problem. While some leaks are very obvious, others are not. It is important to hire a licensed to inspect the water system before any structural damage occurs. A licensed plumber will be able to accurately locate the leak and make any necessary repairs.


Florida is know for it's beautiful beaches and sand. Although we may love it, our underground water lines do not. Sand causes underground copper and galvanized pipes to leak. In older Tampa Bay homes, the water lines run under the home and up through a concrete slab. If the water pipe is unprotected a process known as electrolysis occurs. Over time this process will deteriorate the metal components of the water piping causing the plumbing system to breakdown. If this occurs a  complete replacement of the water system may be needed. A complete replacement of the water system is known as a Repipe.


  1. High Water Bill
  2. Mold or Mildew Smell
  3. Sudden Foundation Cracks
  4. Soft or Damp Spots on Floor or Ceiling
  5. Warm Spots on Floor

Our licensed Plumb Crazy Plumbers can locate and repair any pipe leak on the spot. We ONLY use up-to-date piping and installation procedures. At Plumb Crazy Plumbers, we only uses PEX and CPVC.

For an affordable, reliable plumbing company call Plumb Crazy Plumbers at 727.729.9400.

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